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Year 5/6 - Mr Rodger



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Welcome to the Year 5/6 Class Pages, where you will be able to keep up-to-date with what you will be learning about this year. You will also find good links that you can access to support your learning in different curriculum subjects.






This term the children will have the opportunity to read texts from authors such as Charles Dickens, JR. Tolkien, Jack London and Martin Luther King. They will continue to develop their writing skills by carrying out weekly extended writing tasks. They will also be developing their comprehension skills by analysing language use and making inferences about author intention. Please support your child in completing any set work and ensuring they are working on their writing targets.


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The children will be continuing to consolidate all of the skills that they have learnt so far this year, through investigation and problem solving activities. There will be opportunities for the children to work in teams to compete against their classmates (for prizes), as well as doing some outdoor maths activities.


Please continue using Mathletics and try to get a GOLD certificate before you leave St. Mary's.


Click here: to login to Mathletics.





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The children produced this track using different instruments - the backing track is by an artist called Drake



This term the children will be learning about animals including humans. They will learn about how the body functions and responds to changes.


Use the following link to do some pre-reading about the topic:


Watch the following videos to get up to speed on your body:


Last term:

The children have been carrying out experiments to test the properties of materials. Here they were trying to find out the strongest paper.







To support your understanding of the properties of materials, have a look at this excellent site:


Have a go at this game to test your knowledge: