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Your Photographs from Home

We love to see what you are doing at home!  Send in your pictures and I will post them here.


Wednesday 15th July, 2020 - Cross River Gorilla

A super picture of the very rare, but increasing in numbers, Cross River gorilla.  I didn't know gorilla's live in nests! 

Monday 13th July, 2020 - All kinds of work!

Thank you, Luke for this super compilation of your work.  I would LOVE to visit your country - it seems like a great place to live.  I think the Great Kerbluie has quite a nice job leading teh country!  There are only 7000 people on the island, so he must have a lot of time to go surfing :) 

Wednesday 8th July, 2020 - Peter Has to Go

A production by Raffy Films.  Acted by Raffy's teddy.  Super work Raffy!

Wednesday 8th July, 2020 - Avec un gros nez!

What interesting animals you've found with big noses.  Fantastic French work.  Your handwriting has really improved, Annie!  Well done.

Tuesday 7th July, 2020 - In celebration of Beethoven

This year is the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth.  Thank you, Sebastian for sending in this beautifully performed Fur Elise.

Für Elise - Beethoven

Still image for this video

Friday 3rd July, 2020 - A Wonderful Compilation of Work

Sebastian, you have been working so hard!  This is a super compilation of English work, fun and DRAGON EGGS!  Thank you so much for sharing your hard work and the fun times you are having with us.

Thursday 2nd July, 2020 - Dragon Eggs!

Dear Raffy, wow!  I can not believe you have some dragon eggs - what a beautiful marble-like pattern with stunning colours.  These must be very rare and precious.  I hope they were tasty.  Thank you so much for sharing your toy story. 





Wednesday 1st July, 2020 - Komodo Dragons have poisonous spit a yellow forked tongue and 50 sharp teeth!

Oh my goodness!  I would not like to bump into a Komodo Dragon on a dark night.  What a super fact sheet, Annie.  I learnt a great deal.  I had no idea the Daddies ate their babies!  No wonder they have to learn to run fast.  Thank you for sharing your work with us.

Tuesday 30th June, 2020 - In the style of Loïs Mailou Jones

What an incredible piece of art work.  Thank you so much for sharing, Juan.  I like how you have creative process process from start to finish.  You have put so much effort into this and I am particularly impressed with your meticulous use of the ruler.  


Thank you for sharing your English and maths work.  Keep up the good work!

Friday 26th June, 2020 - The exploding washing machine and the LFB.

Dear Beatrice,

What an exciting story about the exploding washing machine!  I am so pleased that you are all safe and well.  Thank you for telling the story at show and tell and also for writing such a well written diary entry.

Thursday 25th June, 2020 - How did you get up that tree?!

Wow!  Sienna, how on earth did you get so high?  You'll need to let us all know because we all want to climb that high!  Excellent climbing skills.  Well done!

Sunday 21st June, 2020 - Happy Father's Day

What lovely cards, Juan.  I guarantee your Daddy was thrilled to receive these both!

Wednesday 17th June, 2020 - What I'm doing to help the Earth

This is a SUPER example of how we can be good citizens to the Earth.  We don't need to throw things away - someone else will find what we do not need useful.  This is called reusing. 


It also looks like you're making some delicious meatballs.  I hope you had a lovely dinner!  Thank you for sharing, Sebastian.

Wednesday 17th June, 2020 - Willy the Wimp

Wow!  What super sentences using because.  You are doing some great work, Juan.  Keep using connectives and adding super adjectives to make your work interesting!  And I LOVE your picture of Willy the Wimp!


Monday 15th June, 2020 - My walk in the Devil's Punch Bowl

"We went to the Devil’s Punch Bowl in Surrey at the weekend and saw three mushrooms. We have identified two, a chicken of the woods and an oyster mushroom. The other one was brown so it is difficult to identify." 


We all know who to call if we need some mushrooms identifying!  Thank you for sharing, Annie. 

Friday 12th June, 2020 - A HUGE compilation of work

Wow!  You have been very productive with your time, Luke.  Your handwriting has really improved and your sentences in Kim's Kangaroo diary are superb with lots of descriptive verbs - what a naughty Kangaroo! 


I particularly like your family tree - it looks like it took you quite a while to complete.  I hope you found out some interesting or funny facts when doing it.  I think I will try your Eggy Bread recipe next weekend - I always like a good recipe recommendation.

Wednesday 10th June, 2020 - A recycling reminder and a delicious cake

Juan, what a delicious cake!  You must please send me the recipe as I would love to know how to make it.  Remember to use your bossy verbs when writing out your recipe.  I hope you have posted your recycling poster in your kitchen.  Well done for creating such a vibrant poster - it will be a really good reminder to recycle!

Wednesday 10th June, 2020 - Another solar system!

Wow!  What a superb solar system, Raffy.  Are these planets spheres?  I love the stars in your dark spacey sky.

Tuesday 9th June, 2020 - The Solar System

WOW!  Oscar, this is an absolutely fantastic model of the solar system.  I am so impressed how you managed to create the darkness of space too.  I would love to learn any new facts you learnt about the planets.  Thank you for sharing.

Monday 8th June - Naughty Little Pelicans and My Time at Home

Oh what a naughty bunch of pelicans these are.   Can you believe that one actually bit Annie's scooter?  I hope you, Freddie and Thomas got away safely!


I am so pleased that you are practising your flute, piano and doing some ballet.  Thank you for sharing what you've been doing at home. 

Friday 5th June - My Birthday!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Max.  Happy birthday to you!


Happy birthday Max!  I hope you enjoyed eating your shark birthday cake and playing with your new walkie talkie.

Friday 5th June, 2020 - Hug a Cat Day and My family

James - what a wonderful compilation of photographs of your work and time at home.  You are being very productive and so creative.  I am so impressed to see your family tree.   You are also designing your own clothes - well done!

James' Cat for Hug a Cat Day - June 3rd 2020

Still image for this video

Thursday 4th June - My Diary

Dear Beatrice, what a wonderful idea!  You wrote your diary entry as a poem about space.  Can plants grow in space?  Does anyone know?  Your handwriting is beautiful.  Well done.

Wednesday 3rd June - J'aime les bananes

Now I know that you like bananas!  Thank you, Sebastian, for these pictures of your work and all the activities that you are doing at home.  You look like you are having a lot of fun.  I can also see that you have had a hair cut - very smart!  

Tuesday 2nd June, 2020 - Animal Spotting

"I have seen lots of animals during my time at home. I have seen coots, moorhens (they chase each other a lot), swans, ducks, geese, squirrels, parakeets, deer, sparrows, starlings, a rat, cows and pelicans (in St James Park). I am going to draw some pictures of these.  I really miss coming to school and I would like to come back and see my friends."


Thank you, Annie, for this wonderful picture of all the animals and birds you are spotting on your walks.

Monday 1st June, 2020 - Flamingos

A well planned drawing of a flamingo by Cormac.  Thank you for sharing your artwork! 

Friday 22nd May, 2020 - How I help at home.

Thank you, Juan, for sharing with us how you help out at home and the kind things you do for your family.  You are an inspiration and also an excellent chef!  Your pizza looks delicious and is making me very hungry.

Thursday 21st May, 2020 - Tree Climbing

I see you are also climbing trees with your sister.  Well done.  Also.... Superb school work, Oscar!  Keep going with your work - this is excellent. 

Wednesday 20th May, 2020 - Brian MacDonald the talking elephant.

Thank you for sending in your dream Luke - a talking elephant called Brian MacDonald?!  It made me laugh a lot!  Thank you for sharing your book too.  You are working really hard at home. 

Tuesday 19th May, 2020 - Still life and other projects

Thank you so much to Juan, Stanley and Raffy for their thoughtful compositions and excellent still life paintings.  


James, you have written a lovely diary entry as Florence Nightingale - well done.  Finally, Oscar.  You have discovered loom bands - these can keep you entertained for quite some time. Perhaps you could make a band for your brother and sister.

Friday 15th May, 2020 - Buildings and Butterflies


Cormac has been doing some research on a famous building and chose the Guggenheim museum in NYC.  If you look very closely, you can actually read some of Cormac's research! 


I don't know if you remember seeing the pictures of the caterpillars a week or so ago, but they are now all grown up and in Cormac's garden.  Thank you for sharing that Cormac. 

Wednesday 14th May - Identifying Leaves

Superb work, Annie, on identifying leaves and trees!  You have found even more different types of leaves in your garden or out on your walk.  

Tuesday 12th May, 2020 - International Nurses day and handwriting

Thank you Raffy for reminding us about International Nurses Day.  It was also Florence Nightingale's birthday!  Thank you Orla for your instructions on How to Catch a Dragon.  Well done for using inverted commas (speech marks).

Tuesday 12th May, 2020 - A Feelings Puppet Show!

Wow!  This is a superb set up for a puppet show.  Our Monday lesson for Art/PSHE was on emotions.  Well done for doing the challenge!  I'm sure you got a huge round of applause at the end.  Great work Raffy.

Monday 11th May, 2020 - Plants and things

Thank you for these great pictures of the life-cycle of a sunflower, herbs you are growing and of course, a monster!  Many people take inspiration from the outside and nature and Luke is doing that too.  Your handwriting has REALLY improved!  Well done.

Thursday 7th May, 2020 - All kinds of things!

Today we have a picture of a three eyed monster, "It has three eyes and huge mouth with blood dripping from it.  Strong muscles, two legs and many tentacles."  A detailed, if not somewhat gruesome, description!  Also pictures of what makes me unique (in the background under your CPG books I can also see your superb handwriting too!) and pictures of home baking and more beautiful artwork and superb handwriting!

Tuesday 4th May, 2020 - Parakeets

"I went out for a walk in the park and saw these cheeky parakeets eating an apple. They didn’t move when I stood near them."

Monday 4th May, 2020 - All Kinds of Work!

We have a huge compilation of work from last week from Lego towers, caterpillars, Gold Mathletics certificate, whales, Jacques Cousteau, plants, art work, examples of handwriting, SpAG and even junk modelling!  I am very, very proud of you.


One thing I have noticed is that it's only boys sending in their work.  Girls, can you show us what you are doing too?

Monday 27th April, 2020 - Whale Pictures

Did anyone manage to draw the picture of the whale?  I'm sure it was VERY tricky but with perseverance, patience and maybe a little help - you can do many things.

Friday 24th April, 2020

This is such a fantastic example of junk modelling!  You have made a superb truck and painted it so well.  Thank you for your support for the NHS!  What a beautifully illustrated poster. 

Thursday 23rd April, 2020

Wow!  There is so much good work coming in on plants.  Look at this diagram of a sunflower showing what it needs to stay alive and healthy.  Superb labelling too!  Also, the Queen would be ecstatic to receive such a well illustrated birthday card.  Thank you for being so thoughtful.

Wednesday 22nd April, 2020

We have started our topic of plants.  Well done for drawing such a super picture of a sunflower - this was one of the daily activities!  Also, I can see you are growing sunflowers at home too.