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St Mary's Roman Catholic Primary School

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Art Week 2023

Nursery - Art Week 2023

We had a fantastic time in Nursery with Arty Party during Art week. We made shell plaques and painted them using sea and ocean colours. We also made some splendid dioramas of what we thought the ocean may look like. ​


 Year 2AT - Summer Term 2



Year 2AT - Art Week 2023



HS Reception- Summer 2 Week 4- Art Week

Art Week - Under the Sea

Fish Hats

We did a workshop with 'Arty Party' and made fish hats!

"I made a fish hat. First we measure our heads. Then we get the fish part. Then we need to stick the cardboard to make the fish hat. Then I was painting it. I did a curve pattern. I used orange, red, blue and green and yellow. Then the lips and eyes with paint. I was putting some glue on and putting some sparkles on. " Ma'Laiyah


Papier Mache Jellyfish

We created a hanging sculpture of a swarm of jellyfish.

"I made a jellyfish. We scrunched the paper up and then we had to tape it. And then we stuck some paper on it...we put glue. We bend the pipe cleaner to make a handle." Ria


Wax Resist Paintings

We used wax crayons and watercolors to create 'Under the Sea' paintings.

"First I drawed a clown fish with orange crayons. I paint it orange and then I paint red. I painted green seaweed. We put sea over here- blue." Aoife


Chalk Pastel Seahorses

We drew around a stencil of a seahorse using chalk pastels.

"I made a seahorse. I got a seahorse, drawed a line over it. I drawed the chalk pastels, then I did some seaweed on the bottom- green. I used blue for my water. I used yellow for my seahorse." Joziah


RR Reception Art Week 2023



Year 1 - Art Week 2023



Year 3/4 - Art Week 2023