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St Mary's Roman Catholic Primary School

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Maths Week

Year 5/6 - Maths Week 2023



Year 1 - Maths week 2023



HS Reception - Maths Week 2023

In Maths we have been learning about 2D shape. We celebrated 'Maths Week' with the theme 'Three is a a magic number!' We focused on circles and triangles. The children named and sorted the shapes. We talked about their properties. We went on a shape hunt! 


Year 4 - Miss Tanner's Maths Group - Maths Week 2023

We had lots of fun this week celebrating Maths Week England. The magic number was 3! 

We took part in the Terrific Triangles webinar and used our knowledge of triangles to make a Tetrahedron. 

We took part in the A3 challenge and created a piece of artwork that celebrated the number 3. 

We did the 3 cubes challenge and investigated all the different combinations possible. 

We made art using triangles. 


Year 3/4 - Maths Week



Maths England A3 Art competition entries



Year 3 - Maths Week 2023

This week we celebrated 'Maths Week England'. The theme was 'Three is the Magic Number'. The children took part in a live webinar 'Terrific Triangle' and explored the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. They created wonderful pieces of art using equilateral triangles. They even made a TetraTREEdon and decorated their work with representations of the number 3. They finished the week by creating a piece of A3 art celebrating the number 3.